ORAL and maxillofacial surgery

Therapeutic activity


Operations for congenital and acquired maxillofacial defects and deformations


Congenital maxillofacial defects and deformations arise at different stages of human embryonic development. Causes of maxillofacial congenital defects and deformations may be exogenous and endogenous. Congenital deformities of the maxillofacial region are the most common cleft lip and palate, jaw deformations.

Acquired maxillofacial defects and deformations occur after various injuries, an diseases and operations.


More details - in the "Guide to maxillofacial surgery and dental surgery" - Kiev: LLC "Ruta - Tours," 2012.



The cleft lip and palate surgery is usually performed when patient is still a child. Regardless of the quality of initial operations, large number of patients have postoperative secondary deformation and defects that require correction.

The deformations of jaws (prognathia, progeny, micro and makrognatiya) have orthodontic treatment. In its absence or inefficiency in the comprehensive treatment of such patients include surgical intervention.

The most optimal time for operations is the age of the patients 16 - 18 years, as by this time completes the process of growth and development of the face.

To eliminate maxillofacial defects and deformations uses various types of plastic surgery: plastic with local fabrics, patches on the leg, free transplant tissue, contour plastic (introduction of bone or soft tissue grafts, different gels). There are general principles for planning plastic surgery, which operating surgeon is guided by, but the type and extent of surgery is determined individually for each patient. The result of the operation depends on many factors, including the condition assessment of existing defect or deformation, to choose the most efficient way of carrying out the operation, preparation of the patient. Plastic surgery of congenital and acquired defects and deformations requires high qualification of surgeon.


More details - in the "Guide to oral surgery and dental surgery" - Kiev: LLC "Ruta - Tours," 2012.