ORAL and maxillofacial surgery




1995 - Professor A. Timofeev was elected as Academician of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. 1996 - a title of DG at the American Biographical Institute (USA) 2001 - a rank of DDG at the International Biographical Centre (England, Cambridge).



2002 - order of the President of Ukraine 

awarded honorary title -

Honored worker of

Science & Technology of Ukraine

2006 - awarded the diploma and the Medal of Freedom (USA)

March 2008 order "For Merits" (The third degree) by the President of Ukraine




December 2008 medal "Petro Mohyla" by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

2009 - medal "Man Of The Year" by the American Biographical Institute (USA)







  2010 - professor A. Timofeev awarded the Certifecate of Merit of the Cabinet of Ministers of UKraine

2011 Diploma of the Ukrainian Academy of Medical Sciences for the book 

"Guide on Maxillo­facial Surgery and Surgical Stomatology"






2013 - awarded the "DIPLOMA DI MERITO" 

by European House of the Science and Industry