ORAL and maxillofacial surgery



Maxillofacial Surgery. — Kyiv, 2017, — 752 p. + 40 p. with pic. [In Ukrainian]

In the textbook much attention is paid to the etiology, pathogenesis, clinical features, differential diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic (nonspecific and specific) inflammatory jaw and soft tissues are especially of inflammatory processes in patients of different age groups. Shows tests for independent control of the level of knowledge that are approved and recommended by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine

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Tests for the Control of Knowledge in the Specialty «Maxillo-Facial Surgery and Dental Surgery». Kyiv, 2010, 256 pages

The book presents more than 3000 control tests knowledge in the specialty "Maxillo-facial surgery and dental surgery".

This book is intended for students of dental and medical faculties of universities medical schools, medical interns, dentists, surgeons, dentists, oral surgeons, physicians of related specialties (general surgery, ENT, ophthalmologists, neurosurgeons, anesthesiologists, etc.).

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