ORAL and maxillofacial surgery

Surgical Methods of Dental Implantation. Kyiv, 2007, 128 pages

The book is intended for students of dental faculties of medical schools and dentists involved in the study of dental implants. The history of this area of dental surgery, types of dental implants and used materials are reviewed in short and accessible form. Planning is represented in detail, the latest computer technology for preoperative planning stages of dental implants, as well as indications and contraindications for its implementation are reviewed. In this book the professor focuses on the surgical stage of dental implants under normal anatomical conditions and examines in detail the features of its defects and deformities of the alveolar processes of the jaws, they atrophy. Methods to improve the floor of the maxillary sinus are also described. The postoperative period of patients with dental implants as well as local complications that arise both during and after the conference are considered. Attention is paid to the remote results of surgical performance of dental implants.

This book is intended for dentists of all specialties, teachers and students of dental medical faculties of universities, medical students and medical interns academies of postgraduate education, who are interested in studying this area of surgery.